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EYE exchange: Obtaining the vision you Want to Begin and Operate your own business

Last updated on November 2, 2019

Business Planet looks at a distinctive EU financed cross-border program that provides aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from seasoned business owners.

Starting or operating a small firm may be a lonely street, but what if there is a way to fulfill established entrepreneurs who might assist you with your trip? Luckily, there’s! The Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs program (EYE) is a cross-platform scheme that empowers both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs to discuss their abilities and ideas to create new markets.

The business also rents electric automobiles providing clients the chance to enjoy and explore Italy’s lovely southeastern shore in a more eco-friendly manner. Co-founder Giancarlo Ostuni elegant his organization plan after spending two weeks in an SME which assembles charging units for electrical vehicles.

“Due to the program that I was able to journey in the future since the Dutch electrical automobile sector is around ten decades before their Italian one. I also could live in a different European capital and expertise how it seems like to operate in an established company in the sustainable mobility business,” Giancarlo clarifies.

Even though Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs gave Giancarlo the skills he had to start and operate his own business, the market also profited from the host company from the Netherlands.

“First of all, with me, they might have somebody running market study on southern Italy, that never occurred before. And now that we’re a recognized company, all our charging channels are all theirs, so that they discovered a brand new client in us.

Beneath the EYE program, aspiring entrepreneurs could get financing to work and travel with experienced partners across the EU and a lot of other European nations and territories.

So far 6000 company relationships are produced. The strategy is to achieve 10,000 trades by 2020.

Business Earth talked to him to acquire more specialist insight regarding the EYE program.

Which are the advantages for participants?

“First of all, we could discuss the cultural advantages, since you’ve got the chance to exchange experience with individuals coming from different nations from other financial systems. From a technical perspective, new entrepreneurs, or even aspiring entrepreneurs, they have the chance to learn at work, to find out in training from a seasoned entrepreneur. The seasoned entrepreneur, in their side, they have the chance to keep in contact with the new motivated new entrepreneur”

What’s the satisfaction level? What type of reaction have you had from individuals who get involved in this program?

The program provides the opportunity to open new markets, to make a new connection and to receive a new encounter.

What has been the financial effect?”

“Very concrete and positive effect. We have managed 68 connections (from the Puglia area ) among new entrepreneurs and sponsor entrepreneurs, and virtually all of them have developed or created their own company and tasks.”

Who’s eligible to share in this program?

There’s not any age limitation. There are not any business limits. The plan is directed towards SMEs, just SMEs, coming from among those, yet now, 28 member states of the European Union, but also from the way to state European lands.

If I am interested in getting involved in this program. How do I learn more?

“There is just 1 response – the web site. The program is a sensible program. It is all handled via the site. It’s possible to discover the first info. Secondly, the manual for constructing your application. And next, all of the training action, for constructing the connection, etc, are managed via the site.”

Useful details

Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs is an EU cross-border program easing the exchange of management and entrepreneurial experience.

The program meets a recently established or prospective entrepreneur using a well-experienced entrepreneur operating an SME in a different nation.

In the previous five decades, over 6.000 pairs of entrepreneurs have profited from this program. The strategy is to achieve 10,000 trades by 2020.