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Facebook Cubes Guy’s planned end-of-life livestream

Facebook has blocked the live broadcast of a chronically sick man, who planned to Livestream his passing on the stage.

Alain Cocq had sentenced to French President Emmanuel Macron to get a medically-assisted departure, which is now not allowed in French law.

On Friday, the Dijon resident posted a movie of himself after accepting what he said could be his final liquid meal.

“I understand the times ahead are likely to be somewhat hard,” he explained. “But I’ve taken my choice and I am serene.”

The French press has reported that Cocq, a 57-year-old former inspector, suffers from a long-term and incurable degenerative disease.

Livestream blocked
Cocq had intended to Livestream the ending of his lifetime, which he hopes to occur within the coming days as a consequence of his decision to discontinue all of the fluids, food, and medications – except he’ll continue taking painkillers.

A message on his accounts on Saturday stated Facebook had blocked him from posting videos before Tuesday.

In a statement, the firm said: “Our hearts go out to Alain Cocq and people that are influenced by this sad circumstance. While we respect his choice to draw focus to the complex and challenging problem, dependent on the advice of specialists, we’ve taken measures to maintain Alain from broadcasting live, as we don’t enable the depiction of suicide attempts.”

Cocq subsequently posted on Facebook to state an “escape system” will be actuated by midnight so that the movie would be broadcast.

He called on viewers to protest against what he called Facebook’s”breach of their basic right” to freedom of expression.

Cocq also posted a letter from Macron, where the president says French law prohibits him from enabling Cocq to be given a medically-assisted passing.

“With emotion, I admire your strategy since it speaks to the very intimate relationship that each one of us builds together with the conclusion of our life and our passing,” Macron stated in the letter dated Thursday, delivered after one of the aides talked in length with Cocq by phone in August.

However, Macron added that”since I’m not above the law, I’m not in a position to give your petition.”

At a handwritten addition in the conclusion, Macron signed the letter off using the words, “With all my support and my deep esteem.”