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Farah Khan predicts Shahid Kapoor Might not Acquire an award for Kabir Singh, States’Organisers May have second thoughts’

Speaking about how organizers of hot awards shows may think twice before providing a prize for the controversial film, Farah told Bollywood Hungama in a meeting, “Each individual having a telephone is an intermediary. On social networking, arbitrary men and women are devoting their critical analysis, but it’s speaking nothing about the movie per se. There has to be only a couple of critics that appraise a movie like how was it taken, how was the leadership, screenplay Kaisa the, etc.. I only feel if your content is great and if folks want to watch it, then it is going to get the job done. Nonetheless, it’s dangerous in certain ways. Like I had been speaking to Shahid Kapoor. His movie Kabir Singh has performed so well. But since it has criticized so poorly, I believe that if he wins an award for this, then the organizers may have second thoughts considering the onslaught of criticism that the movie got.”

On being inquired when the criticism matters because the movie is a blockbuster having sets of about Rs 275 crore, Farah said, “But it matters to the man who made the film. When you receive a brutal review and if folks are disinclined to observe the work of the movie, overlook its merit, the person who made it could get influenced.” The movie went on to become his main solo blockbuster. And that goes on to demonstrate the audience has developed a lot. Therefore this is an encouraging time for creative folks, as now, they do not have to stick to the stereotypical trajectory that’s been followed previously. We’ve got a brilliant, educated, and attentive audience, who estimate matters on merit. So, for me, the whole journey was incredible.”

Kabir Singh was the movie of Sandeep Vanga’s Arjun Reddy that starred Vijay Deverakonda from the title character.