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‘Father picked up with Guys in militia Apparel in Peshawar’: Pak Girl activist Gulalai Ismail

Women rights activist Gulalai Ismail, who’s now in the US on Thursday stated that her dad has been picked up by”guys wearing militia apparel” at Peshwar.

“My dad was picked up by guys wearing Militia apparel from out of Peshawar High Court an hour ago,” Ismail tweeted.

Ismail was able to escape Pakistan to find political asylum from the USA in September after being accused of treason. She attained the US weeks after she had been detained and published for holding a protest demonstration outside the National Press Club at Islamabad.

During a conversation with the press in New York a month, Ismail had voiced her concerns regarding her parents’ security in Islamabad. “I’m still concerned about my parents back home along with the underground community that covertly protected me when I escaped,” Gulalai explained.

She has become the face of expectation for the oppressed minorities in Pakistani, increasing voice against Islamabad’s atrocities on the streets of New York. Last month, Ismail was spotted on the roads of the town, emphasized the plight and miseries which minorities are facing for decades and required the Pakistani Army to end human rights violations. “There is a dictatorship at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa state by the Pakistani military establishment,” Ismail had stated.

The order issued claims that the courtroom would initiate the procedure to announce a”proclaimed offender” when the”defendant” doesn’t appear before the court on October 21, the report had stated.