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‘Feeling really excellent!’ : Donald Trump says He’s leaving hospital following treatment for coronavirus

US President Donald Trump stated on Monday he is”feeling quite good” and he will leave the hospital in the day.

“I’m departing the excellent Walter Reed Medical Center now at 6:30 P.M.,” the US leader declared on Twitter.

“Feeling excellent!

Throughout his stay in the clinic, Trump, 74, received doses of this experimental remdesivir medication and dexamethasone — a steroid used to treat the most acute situation of COVID-19, his healthcare team shown on Sunday. They also explained his oxygen levels had double dropped unexpectedly.

Doctors said Monday that within the previous 24 hours, the president had”met or exceeded” conditions for release. They also said he would get the fourth dose of redelivering until he left the hospital and his final dose could be administered on Tuesday in the White House.

His doctor, Dr. Sean Conley, stated he had not had a fever in 72 hours and both times he had been administered”a tiny bit” of oxygen, he”came straight off did not need it”

Asked about the president’s cognitive and psychological condition, Conley explained that the”president was a phenomenal individual” which he’d been”working for hand in glove with all the group”.

“Though he might not entirely be from the woods yet,” Conley added, Trump’s clinical status” help his return home in which he will be surrounded by world-class healthcare 24/7.”

He explained they had”worked together with our infectious disease specialists to create some recommendations on how best to keep everything secure down in the White House for the President and those around him”

Ahead of his release, Trump told Americans: “Do not be fearful of COVID. Do not let it dominate your life”

“We’ve grown, under the Trump government, some genuinely great drugs & comprehension,” he claimed.

The US has paid the heaviest toll up to now from the pandemic with SARS-Cov-2 — the virus that leads to COVID-19 — infecting over 7.4 million and claiming the lives of 209,938 individuals, according to a tally in Johns Hopkins University.

Trump’s release includes a day later he had been criticized for taking a driveway to tide at cheering supporters outside the hospital.