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Fernando Simón: Spain’s Leading scientist becomes Improbable hero of Country’s COVID-19 crisis

With actors struggling to achieve their customary audiences, and politicians under increased scrutiny, public health specialists are stealing the limelight.

Formerly unknown virologists and epidemiologists have become household names in several nations, where taxpayers anxiously anticipate their evaluation and suggestions on the pandemic.

Dr. Fernando Simón, Spain’s health crisis chief, won on the country with his plain-talking, no-nonsense strategy. Having a hoarse voice and crazy hair, he’s become the face of its bruising struggle against COVID-19.

His simple and thorough updates on the growth of the outbreak, together with patience and compassion, have turned him into a pop icon for several Spaniards.

Social networking is teeming with montages of his encounter, along with memes of the most memorable moments on camera including a coughing fit in a media conference, he stated wasn’t as a result of coronavirus, but since he’d eaten a grape.

There are T-shirts and tote bags to his picture.

Simón is well aware of the focus and also has a message for people with his now-familiar confront.

“I am thrilled that people are using my picture to prepare a company they can view as rewarding… that is fine by me. What I’d like more, if at all possible, is that maybe they could contribute a small proportion of these benefits to NGOs,” Simón stated on Friday.

Simón had a tough time when he had been enticed by conservative politicians and press of having additional information concerning the pandemic to let International Women’s Day demonstrations to occur on March 8.

Three months at the hearts of Spaniards have also left him a title abroad, together with the New York Times composing he’d cut”an endearing scientific hero figure. “