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Fighter jets zoom in Heavens, missiles on China Streets in prep for National Day

New weaponry such as an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying 10 nuclear warheads, innovative tanks, new drones, along with also a”mysterious” underwater vehicle is set to be unveiled in the October 1 army parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China in Beijing.

The parade and the parties have been organized to mark the start of the Communist Party of China (CPC) rule. The brand new weaponry to be on screen covers the sea, land, and atmosphere, state media reported.

Fighter aircraft zoomed round the heavens above Beijing on Sunday. “Enthusiasts filmed warplanes such as J-20 stealth fighters, Y-20 transportation airplanes, early warning aircraft, and particular mission aircraft.

The government has stated that the next military parade is going to be the largest ever in China.

Some innovative weapons will make their introduction at the army parade, the scale of that will be scheduled to be higher than the ones inhabiting the 50th and 60th founding anniversary of the PRC, in addition to the V-Day army parade in 2015, Cai Zhijun, deputy head of the division of this significant group for the army parade, said before.

The parade won’t be a series of weaponry alone: tens of thousands of Chinese citizens mostly government employees and students will participate in the show to follow along with flaunting of the military could at Tiananmen Square in Beijing’s center.

HK police shield activity on protesters

Hong Kong authorities on Monday denied accusations that their officers revealed relative lenience involving gangs of pro-Beijing guys who assaulted pro-democracy supporters throughout a weekend indicated by numerous bloody street brawls.Police exhibited videos of cases where people were attacked by pro-democracy fans, such as one where a guy was kicked unconscious by a stunt. Pro-democracy activists were observed beating individuals in four distinct places throughout Sunday.