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Fighting continues on Syrian border Regardless of U.S.-led cease-fire

Last updated on October 18, 2019

Gunfire, grenades, and mortars may be observed from the Syrian border city of Ras al-Ain on Friday even though having a cease-fire drawn up from the USA and consented Thursday night. The arrangement announced by Vice President Mike Pence in Ankara needs Turkey to suspend its military operations in northeast Syria for five days to permit Kurdish forces to escape out of a specified safe zone.NBC News staff may see and hear mortars, grenades, machine-gun and gunfire at Ras al-Ain — even though it remains unclear who had been responsible. Kurdish-led Syrian Army (SDF) — allies of the U.S. throughout the struggle against ISIS — maintained Friday that Turkish forces weren’t slowing down their attack. NBC News hasn’t independently verified what bands were behind the attacks.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in London, also promised Turkish forces had revived their bombardment of Ras al-Ain ancient Friday, interrupting the short”careful calm” attained right after the cease-fire had been called. However, cross-border artillery and airstrikes seen before this arrangement appeared to have stopped on Friday with all the no incoming fire seen by the Turkish side of the border. Turkey’s invasion started last week came only as President Donald Trump pulled U.S. troops in the region, a movement that’s been met with widespread criticism for becoming a seeming betrayal of Kurdish forces that are allied with the U.S. from the struggle against the Islamic State.

Turkey has also dedicated to a permanent cease-fire after the Kurds are removed from the secure zone, but is under no duty to withdraw its troops. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan commended Pence and Trumpet a tweet in reaction to the bargain stating their joint efforts would help”defeat terrorism” “I’m convinced that this joint effort will encourage peace and stability in our area,” Erdogan said. However, Kurdish forces weren’t party to the arrangement, and it wasn’t immediately clear whether they’d comply. A spokesman to the SDF informed the Associated Press on Friday that its troops wouldn’t withdraw in compliance with the cease-fire since Ras al-Ain stayed under assault.