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Figure out the Reason Why it Might be a bumper year for Infant birds in Europe

With pollution levels in Europe plummeting as a huge number of individuals must stay inside under the COVID-19 lockdown, cities are slowly seeing more animals and creatures getting bolder.

The season has gathered speed and birds stand to gain most in the more silent parks and roads.

There is currently no lack of ideas on how to spend those hours inside, so why don’t you include birdwatching to the listing!

Euronews talked to Mya-Rose Craig, a 17-year-old ornithologist based in the UK but also called’Birdgirl’.

She clarified the type of birds we can see fly in Europe throughout spring.

“You are likely to get waders, you are likely to get ducks, you are likely to have smaller species of birds there ought to be a few swallows and swifts flying “

“And I believe today more than ever, it is an excellent time to keep a lookout for the birds which are flying to have the ability to receive that link to nature and the outside which you might not be getting differently in quarantine. “

“We’re reaching peak migration year today,” added Craig. “I assume that the bird amounts will spring up this summer since we are all stuck inside”

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