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Five killed, 21 Hurt in Texas mass shooting: Police

Authorities said Saturday that a gunman killed five people through a mass shooting at the West Texas towns of Odessa and Midland that left many injured.

Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke explained that there was 21 hurt by gunfire. He described the suspected shooter as a white man in his 30s. The suspect was captured and murdered at the Cinergy film theatre in Odessa, Gerke said.

The shooting set off a busy day in which police noted that a defendant hijacked a US Postal Service vehicle and started shooting at random in the region of Odessa and Midland, hitting numerous men and women. Police initially reported that there might be more than 1 shooter. However, Gerke says police now believe that it was just one shot.

The State of the victims Wasn’t immediately apparent.

“After this person was taken from the film, there were no longer victims,” Gerke said.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has encouraged citizens to steer clear of big highways in the region throughout the shooting, such as Interstate 20.

The shooting comes only weeks after a gunman at the Texas border town of El Paso murdered 22 people after opening fire in a Walmart.

Odessa is approximately 20 miles (32 km ) southwest of Midland. Both are greater than 300 miles (483 km ) west of Dallas.