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Five Tales You Might Have missed Due to the coronavirus pandemic

Like the world is saturated with information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps not all in the world has reeled into a halt.

Here are some stories You Might Have missed throughout the coronavirus mania:

  1. Poland marks 10 years because the president died in a plane crash
    Polish President Lech Kaczynski expired 10 years ago now in a plane crash believed the nation’s worst catastrophe as World War II.

The Polish president was flying to Smolensk, Russia to pay tribute to victims of executions carried out in 1940 by Soviet governments.

You will find 95 others killed in the wreck involving leading government officials, army generals, and MPs traveling with the president.

The present leader of the ruling conservative party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who’s also the twin brother of the president that died, paid tribute to the victims on Friday at Warsaw.

The tragic accident further strained relations between Poland and Russia, along with also the ministry of foreign affairs said in a statement they demanded Russia reunite the airplane wreckage.

Bernie Sanders stops 2020 US presidential effort, which makes Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate

Bernie Sanders finished his presidential campaign in the US presidential primaries last week.

His withdrawal from the competition paves the way for former Vice President Joe Biden to become the Democratic nominee to confront US President Donald Trump in November.

Sanders, a separate Senator from Vermont, is a self-declared democratic socialist and had suggested a progressive platform involving government health insurance and student loan forgiveness.

Despite early victory in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, Sanders fought to win over African American and Hispanic voters since Joe Biden spanned several European countries.

Ukraine village has been evacuated as forest fires burn Chernobyl plant

Wildfires broke out last weekend near the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, leading to an increase in radiation levels.

The area remains largely unpopulated following the 1986 nuclear disaster.

However, some 200 individuals have stayed living in the region and residents from 1 village in the land were transferred from their houses by police delivered to flee the region.

Fire in the area has been an increasing concern as radioactive components can be found in smoke plumes, which travel extended distances.

A truck driver has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of 39 individuals who were found dead in a lorry at Essex in October this past year.

The 39 sufferers, all Vietnamese nationals, were discovered by authorities in the back of a refrigerated truck within a commercial park at Essex.

The 31 men and eight girls are thought to have paid individuals traffickers to smuggle them into England and died from too little oxygen and overheating, authorities said.

  1. Migrants trapped and at Libya face awful situation

“The problem is awful. Countless individuals, drained following a perilous 72-hour journey, will spend the night on an overcrowded ship intense conditions,” said Federico Soda, the International Organisation of Migration’s Libya leader of the assignment.

“The status quo can’t possibly last. A thorough approach to this situation from the middle Mediterranean is required.”

Staff in the IOM stated that children and women were among those that had been intercepted and returned to Libya although not permitted to disembark because of shelling in Tripoli.

A German NGO boat that rescued 150 migrants from the Mediterranean has been not able to disembark in Italy or Malta.

The Italian coast guard frees one individual off the boat but hasn’t supplied gas, medication or food, the NGO Sea-Eye stated in an announcement.