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Five Tales You Might Have missed due to This coronavirus pandemic

This week marked the following seven days bombarded with information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic as verified cases of the virus topped 2.1 million globally.

But as the pandemic catches headlines globally, the entire world has not ceased entirely.

Listed below are five stories you might have missed this week.

  1. Polish MPs delay contentious abortion and sex education bills

Poland’s parliament on Thursday voted to postpone two statements that, if accepted, would further restrict access to abortion and might prohibit sexuality education.

Pro-choice campaigners hailed the decision, although human rights activists condemned the”regressive” statements, and pointed out that, on account of this coronavirus lockdown, campaigners weren’t able to protest against regulations.

  1. Forest fires near Chernobyl nuclear plant in Check, Ukrainian governments say

Wildfires erupted in the woods around Chernobyl on April 4, after being unintentionally sparked by taxpayers who were burning garbage.

The firefighting teams were able to include the first blazes, but fresh fires dropped on Thursday, coming into broader regions as a result of strong winds.

Authorities insisted the wildfires were posing no danger to radioactive waste dumps and other amenities in Chernobyl, but counseled Kyiv residents to consume a good deal of water and cover windows with wet fabrics should they offered them.

  1. Ryanair joins coal plants as among Europe’s greatest carbon polluters

Ryanair was rated Europe’s 7th largest carbon polluter based on data in the EU Emissions Trading System published on Wednesday since the Irish carrier raised its emissions by nearly 6 percent on flights over Europe this past year.

“Governments should encourage aviation employees through the present crisis but airline emissions could immediately rebound unless bailouts were on carriers carrying green-up technologies and beginning to cover tax after conditions improve,” explained Transport & Environment, an NGO campaigning for cleaner transportation.

  1. First anniversary of this Notre-Dame Cathedral fire

On April 15, 2019, a dreadful fire seriously damaged the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, toppling its famous spire, devastating its roofing, and leaving millions around the world from shock.

The recovery of this iconic Gothic landmark is presently stopped on account of this coronavirus pandemic. Euronews talked to the building specialists of Pierrenoel about how the job was progressing before the lockdown.


Stirling Moss was believed one of the biggest Formula One drivers to not win the entire tournament.

Called”Mr. Motor Racing,” he was fearless and fiercely aggressive.

“If you are not attempting to succeed at any cost,” he explained, “what in the world are you doing there?”

His frequently reckless attitude took a toll on his body. His career ended, at age 31, following a dreadful wreck left him in a coma for a month in April 1962.