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Florida readies for tropical storm Isaias amid surging coronavirus Instances

Florida is famous for tropical storm Isaias to reach on its shore on Sunday, which threatens to suppress attempts to exacerbate the towering instances of the coronavirus from the area.

“Do not be tricked by this downgrade,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cautioned during a press conference on Saturday following the storm.

Florida has closed parks, beaches, and virus testing websites and has procured signals to palm trees to stop them from blowing off.

The authorities said the country is expecting electricity outages and requested citizens to have a week’s supply of food, water, and medication on hand.

But officials are grappling with how to prepare lands where people can find refuge in the storm if needed, while safely social distancing to protect against the spread of this virus.

Florida is among those countries hardest hit by COVID-19 in the united states.

“The hurricane isn’t so severe, but I believe that the people are panicking since it is a hurricane and we are in the center of a pandemic,” stated Florida resident Natalie Betancur.

State-run virus testing websites have closed in locations where the storm may strike because the websites are outside stalls.

The storm’s maximum sustained winds dropped steadily during Saturday, and so were in 65 mph (100 kph) by Sunday morning, the US National Hurricane Center said.

The storm is forecast to approach the southeast coast of Florida early Sunday, then traveling up the nation’s east coast through the afternoon.

Isaias was harmful in the Caribbean on Thursday and has wreaked havoc in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, in which it triggered flooding and landslides.