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Flying motorbikes and super-fast 5G on Display at Dubai’s tech forum

Last updated on November 2, 2019

AI will be a game-changer in most industries and 5G will let it be nourished at a much faster rate as a result of tremendous levels of data that it can handle.

However, the Dubai World Trade Centre’s Trixie LohMirmand states these new technological improvements are”insignificant” if we don’t know how it’s used in various sectors and businesses — that is an occasion Gitex helps.

“We enjoy that we provide a great deal of use cases, and also produce the occasion very relatable and accessible, which makes it rather easy for the public know how it things and how we could reinforce whatever they’re performing,” she explained.

AI will make millions of jobs across the planet, LohMirmand stated, adding that the United Arab Emirates is the first nation to roll out 5G technology.

5G can attain speeds 100 times faster than 4G, affecting regular life from smart houses and medication to visitors, as connectivity becomes much more cellular and accelerates technological growth — as Ahmed Bin Ali exhibited using a new automobile developed by his own Etisalat Group that really flies.

“It is an electric motorcycle, eight-cylinder motor Maserati,” he stated, “and it’ll be a flying bike.”

The four jet sockets will propel the car, known as the Lazareth, and it may change from driving style to flight mode within 60 minutes.

Bin Ali added: “I’d say a 5G planet is a world without constraints. I can’t define any business which won’t gain from 5G. The technology which 5G and we’re toward directing the electronic future to enable society”

However, while the 5G revolution proceeds at the rate, any predictive tech has its challenges.

Prices to construct and purchase are large, and there are raised anxieties for cyber-security since these technological businesses enter a brand new electronic era.