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Focus turns to Kim Yo Jong as Puzzle intensifies over Kim Jong Un’s Wellbeing

North Korea hasn’t publicized who’d accompany leader Kim Jong Un at the case he’s incapacitated, and no details known about his young kids, analysts say his sister along with loyalists could sort a regency until a successor is old enough to shoot over.

South Korean and Chinese officials on Tuesday cast doubt on reports that Kim was severely ill after a cardiovascular system after his absence by a vital state anniversary affair triggered speculation about his health.

However, the media reports sparked concerns about who’d be set up to take over in case the 36-year-old Kim, a third-generation hereditary leader, fell severely ill or died. He became chief when his dad Kim Jong Il expired in 2011 from a heart attack.

Each shift of direction at North Korea has increased the possibility of a leadership vacuum or collapse of the Kim dynasty, which has ruled the nation since its founding in 1948.

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But beneath Kim Jong Un,” North Korea’s arsenal of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles has increased substantially, increasing concerns over who would control those weapons.

Listed below are key characters in the North Korean leadership group and what role they could play in any upcoming transition.

Kim’s younger sister was the very visible presence across the pioneer in the previous two decades, while serving officially as a vice president of the ruling Workers’ Party’s powerful Central Committee but unofficially as her brother’s chief of personnel.

She was named another member of the ruling Workers’ Party’s powerful Central Committee Politburo earlier this month, ongoing her rise throughout the direction hierarchy.

Kim, who’s thought to be 31, has firm control of crucial party purposes, putting herself to be the chief source of power behind a collective direction.

“Kim Yo Jong will be for the time being the major power base with the management of the organization along with advice department, the judiciary, and public safety,” Cho Han-bum of the Korea Institute for National Unification explained.

Choe Ryong Hae climbed to be the North’s nominal head of state annually getting the president of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly.

It restricted decades of support with the celebration for the judgment Kim family, formerly serving as the powerful political leader of the North’s army under the youthful pioneer.

He also Pak Pong Ju, a fellow politburo member and former state premier who oversaw that the North’s drive to present more free-market purposes to revive its economy is very likely to be the figureheads directing a collective direction.

Kim Yong Chol, a celebration vice-chairman and former top nuclear envoy, and Foreign Minister Ri Son Gwon might be tasked with tackling diplomatic problems including stalled denuclearisation discussions with North Korea since they played an important part in summits with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Kim Jong Chol is your leader’s old brother but hasn’t been a part of the North’s direction, rather leading a quiet life playing songs, based on The Yong Ho,” North Korea’s former deputy ambassador at London who defected to the South.

He’s thought to be disinterested in public life and is not likely to emerge as a significant presence, although some analysts say he keeps ties with allies and may play a more public role in a contingency.

Kim Kyong Hui was a strong figure in the direction ring when her brother Kim Jong Il dominated the nation. She hadn’t been seen as her husband, Jang Song Thaek, formerly considered the 2nd strongest man in the nation, was implemented in 2013 by Kim Jong Un. She’s been sick but temporarily emerged early this year in a gala performance along with her nephew.

Kim Jong Un is thought to have three kids with Ri Sol Ju, the most popular in 2017, according to the South’s National Intelligence Service.

The earliest is that a 10-year-old son, meaning some of those three would want the aid of their political or relatives guardians if they had been to develop into a fourth-generation hereditary pioneer.

Kim Jong Il was dressed for 20 years to lead the nation, while Kim Jong Un simply had just over a year as a consequence of his dad’s sudden death from a stroke.

“Kim Yo Jong is not likely to take over the helm but might help construct a caretaker regime for a power agent until the children grow up, and Kim Jong Chol may go back to aid for a little while,” explained Go Myong-Hyun, a research fellow in the Asian Institute for Policy Research in Seoul.