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Footballer Lionel Messi wins epic legal Struggle to trademark his name

A European court has paved the way for Lionel Messi to enroll his surname for a trademark following an epic nine-year legal conflict by the football star.

Messi, among the most well-known footballers in the world, first employed to trademark his name from 2011, to establish his sportswear brand new.

However, the movement was compared with a Spanish biking company, Massi, that contended that consumers might be confused with the similarities between the two logos.

The spat was at the European courts ever since, together with Massi accommodation a powerful challenge together with all the EU’s intellectual property body, EUIPO, in 2013. Messi appealed to EUIPO in 2014, then took the situation to the General Court of the European Union.

In 2018, the General Court agreed with Messi, judgment the footballer’s profile was so that it would not be possible to get a prospective client to confuse his name with Massi.

On Thursday, the European Court of Justice agreed, dismissing appeals to the General Court’s 2018 conclusion by EUIPO and Massi.

Messi was appointed world player of the year by FIFA five occasions between 2009 and 2015 and has won six Ballon d’Or throughout his 20-year livelihood in Barcelona.