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Forest officials rescue Indian pangolin in the Home in Odisha

An Indian Pangolin was rescued from a house by the Woods officials in Kharod village Nearby Talachandragiri Reserve Woods in Odisha. The mammal was recovered on Friday in the home in Badamba Range of Athagarh Forest Division at Cuttack.

Athagarh Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Sasmita Lenka stated, “The rescued pangolin is presently stored at the Badamba Forest Range and will later be published to Nandankanan Zoo.”

Pangolins are often known as the planet’s most underrated mammal. Pangolin scales are made of keratin – the substance found in human hair and fingernails – and they don’t have proven medicinal value. They’re regarded as at elevated risk of extinction, chiefly as a consequence of illegal poaching.