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Former Dutch gynaecologist Shown as biological father of 17 children

A former Dutch gynecologist was shown since the biological father to 17 kids, the hospital in which he practiced declared on Tuesday.

The now-deceased practitioner used his semen during artificial inseminations on girls who believed they had been utilizing anonymous donors, the hospital said.

Jan Wildschut worked in the fertility clinic of the hospital at Zwolle between 1981 and 1993. He expired in 2009.

The hospital confirmed that 17 children were conceived during his clinics, describing these functions as”morally unacceptable”.

The result was confirmed through different”games” in several commercial DNA databases.

The organization hasn’t ruled out the chance that Wildschut, that was a dad, would be the biological parent of children.

The hospital said it learned of this information at the end of 2019. It stated it had decided to make it people along with the physician’s family and the kids concerned to donate to”greater transparency” in the situation of semen gifts.

“Every child has the right to know who their biological parents are, but a few parents […] are scared to tell their kids they are a donor kid,” the hospital said in an announcement.

The donor kids along with the household of the gynecologist are thought to maintain contact and at a”good relationship”.

The Health Care and Youth Inspectorate aren’t starting an investigation, since the situation happened in a period when there were not any regulations and laws for fertility treatments, according to the hospital.

This past year, a set of DNA tests revealed that the former manager of a sperm bank, suspected of using his sperm rather than the of their selected donor, was that the biological father of 49 kids, at a situation that resulted in a scandal in the Netherlands.