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Former US clamp president Joe Biden slams Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops of north Syria

“Donald Trump sold from the Syrian Army ministry — the brave Kurds and Arabs who fought to crush ISIS’s caliphate — and he also murdered a key neighborhood ally in the struggle against terrorism,” Biden said in a statement.

Biden stated that by taking this kind of determination, Trump has betrayed US courageous troops, who forfeited together with them. “He betrayed our phrase for a country — raising doubts one of our allies around the globe about America’s safety obligations. And he jeopardized our safety by green light a Turkish incursion which will produce destruction and chaos, putting conditions for ISIS to regrow,” he explained.

A day before, Biden at a significant election address has supported to proceed to impeach Trump.

Slamming Trump because of his Syria policy,” Biden said Trump’s unhappy attempt to excuse the betrayal — stating that the Kurds did not struggle with us in Normandy 75 decades back in World War II — adds insult to quite real harm.

“By that standard, just Canada, a couple of European allies, and many others might hope for America to return to their citizenship — and even they could have doubts following Trump’s performance. Particularly when Trump said he was not concerned about ISIS regrouping and fleeing Syria since they’d simply visit Europe,” he maintained.

Biden asserted that Trump chose on a whim, following a telephone call with Turkish President Erdogan — a fellow strongman that has sabotage to ship countless Allied refugees to Europe when they dared to criticize his assault.

“There wasn’t any procedure. No consultation with all our army, our diplomats our allies. Trump got wrapped, plain and simple, since he’s got no clue what he is doing,” he explained.