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Four million people in Catalonia Requested to’stay at home’ amid coronavirus surge

Catalonia’s regional government has requested countless individuals to”stay at home” since the region experienced a resurgence at coronavirus cases.

Approximately four million people in the Barcelona metropolitan region have been asked to only leave home for key reasons, with cinemas, theatres, and clubs to closing.

Restaurants and pubs are now confined to half capability, a ban on visits to older people’s homes continues to be executed, and v simply meet up in teams of around ten.

Non-essential companies might need to get their clients by appointment.

In a statement to the media, spokeswoman for the regional authorities, Meritxell Budosaid”We have to move backward so that we don’t need to return to some whole lockdown of the populace in the coming months”

“When the pandemic continues with this course, we are going to have to take more drastic actions. The close of the nation of alarm does not signify that the pandemic is over. Folks must comply with the steps set up and follow directions issued by health authorities,” she added.

The steps concern that the city of Barcelona and its surrounding regions, cities, and towns and will likely be set up for 2 weeks.

Regions of Catalonia had been subject to some second lockdown – 160,000 individuals in Lleida and neighboring regions were re-confined on Wednesday after a legal stand-off involving the regional authorities and the judiciary.

Catalonia already requires using face masks outside and in indoor public areas.

Spain is one of Europe’s worst-affected nations, with over 28,000 deaths from COVID-19 formally declared combined with over 250,000 cases.