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France Instructor’s beheading: what we know up to Now

The suspected killer, that officials said was an 18-year-old Chechen refugee, was armed with a knife and a plastic pellet gun, was shot dead by officers at a nearby city, authorities said.

French authorities have established an anti-terror investigation.

Here Is What we know about the assault so much:

Police told the AFP news agency he had hosted a course conversation with secondary school pupils about cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

Some Muslim parents stated they’d complained to the French and school press reported Paty had obtained a range of dangers in the aftermath of the course.

Blanquer said the college had taken”appropriate” measures in reaction to the complaints in establishing steps that both”encouraged the instructor and opened a dialog with parents”.

The minister added he’d prepare a pedagogical”frame” on how to cover the assault with pupils when they returned to school after half an hour. He explained a second’s silence could be organized.

President Emmanuel Macron visited with the Bois d’Alene faculty and fulfilled with the history teacher’s coworkers on Friday afternoon.

He said later: “One of our taxpayers was assassinated tonight since he had been a teacher, since he taught students about the freedom of saying, the freedom to think or not to believe.

The victim of an Islamist terrorist assault “

Officials said that he had been shot dead from the nearby town of Éragny afterwards he acted in a threatening way and failed to react to an arrangement to put his weapons down.

Officials said that he was unfamiliar with intelligence agencies.

His half-sister combined the Islamic State team in Syria in 2014, Ricard said. He did not give her name, and it isn’t clear where she’s currently.

The prosecutor stated a text claiming responsibility and also a photo of the victim was found on the defendant’s phone.

Also, he confirmed a Twitter accounts under the title Abdoulakh A belonged to the defendant. It posted a photograph of this decapitated head after the assault together with the message”I’ve implemented among those dogs from hell that dared to place Muhammad down”

Ricard said the defendant was spotted in the school requesting students about the instructor, and the headmaster had received many threatening telephone calls.

France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office said police investigating the killing of Samuel Paty at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine on Friday detained nine suspects, including the teenager’s grandfather, parents, and 17-year-old brother.

A picture of this decapitated instructor was posted on societal media right after the assault on an account that belonged to the assailant shot by authorities, France’s federal anti-terror prosecutor said on Saturday.

What is the background for this assault?

The incident came as the French authorities functions to get a bill to deal with Islamist radicals that police claim are producing a”parallel society beyond the worth of the French Republic”.

This marks the 2nd terrorism-related episode since a trial started into the January 2015 massacre in the magazine Charlie Hebdo, which had printed cartoons depicting Muhammad.

The magazine republished this year as the trial got underway.

Three months before, that an 18-year-old from Pakistan was arrested after stabbing two individuals outside the prior Charlie Hebdo offices.

He told authorities he was angry about the book of the caricatures. His victims endured non-life-threatening injuries.

How have people responded to the episode?
Charlie Hebdo tweeted Friday: “Intolerance only reached a new threshold and appears to stop at nothing to inflict terror in our nation.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Saturday expressed her condolences to the sufferer’s family and said that her”ideas were heading out to teachers from France and throughout Europe” following the assault.

“With no (teachers), there aren’t any citizens. Without them, there’s no democracy,” she added.

The Meeting of Chechens in Europe, that will be located in Strasbourg, France, said in a statement: “Just like most French people that our community is mesmerized by this event”