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France jails Girls for Neglected Notre Dame car bombing – report

A French court on Monday handed down sentences of 25 years in prison for 2 girls with ties to Islamist militants who left a failed attempt to put off a primitive vehicle bomb out Paris’s Notre-Dame palace three decades back, Le Figaro newspaper reported.

Among the girls enticed her fellow suspect to combine the plot by posing online as a man Islamist militant who’d returned from Syria and was searching for a bride, French press reported.

At sunrise on Sept. 4, 2016, authorities discovered a gray Peugeot 607 without a number plate, filled up with seven gas tanks and three jerry cans of petrol, parked at a Left Bank road near Notre-Dame at the middle of Paris.

Researchers reasoned from cigarette butts along with a petrol-soaked blanket which there was a failed attempt to put off an explosion.

Fingerprints left at the scene contributed to 2 individuals: Ines Madani and Ornella Gilligmann. According to prosecutors, they’d left the vehicle later sending a video claiming responsibility for its projected assault to Rachid Kassim, a French member of the Islamic State group.

Two other girls who acted in concert with Madani and Gilligmann were awarded 20 years in prison.

Lesser sentences were awarded to another 3 individuals for assisting the plotters or neglecting to report a crime.

Paris was rocked by Islamist violence within the last couple of decades.