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France warns of Severe Unwanted effects of coronavirus’miracle cures’

A French medication watchdog has warned of the harmful side effects of malaria and HIV medications being tested from the publication coronavirus following three people’s deaths that were potentially connected to self-medication.

Approximately 30 patients having symptoms of COVID-19 had reported severe unwanted effects of heart ailments after taking a new hydroxychloroquine known as Plaquenil, the head of France’s ANSM medication bureau Dominique Martin told AFP on Monday.

The medication safety agency cautioned the medication, used to treat malaria, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis, if”in no case be utilized as self-medication”.

Martin also cautioned against other drugs like the antibiotic azithromycin and Kaletra, a combination of 2 antivirals — lopinavir and ritonavir, used to treat HIV.

Currently tested in many nations in the struggle against the virus, these chemicals can cause significant side effects. Health authorities warn that taking the medication without medical supervision may result in heart attacks and even deaths.

Last week, a guy died in the US after self-medicating together with the non-pharmaceutical variant of Plaquenil, that was touted by President Donald Trump as a medical match changer. The spouse of the deceased, that took chloroquine, was admitted to hospital in a crucial condition.

Using hydroxychloroquine, and its associated chemical chloroquine, has ignited debate in France because a research in the southern town of Marseille suggested promising results in healing COVID-19.

French research Didier Raoult recently released two studies, demonstrating that four out of five of these treated using the anti-malaria medication chloroquine had”favorable” results.

However, other scientists have lambasted his study and state the results are only observational.

Martin said with these medications require “special attention” since the mixture of medications could cause a heart attack.

As of Wednesday, France became the fourth state to pass on the 4,000 coronavirus deaths brink following Italy, Spain, and the United States.