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France’s new coronavirus lockdown in short: What’s allowed and what’s prohibited?

Which are key takeaways from France’s new lockdown?

  • The new lockdown runs from the first item on Friday before December 1, nationally.
  • Social parties are completely prohibited.
  • Residents in France are going to be asked to complete a form if they move outside their houses.
  • The only satisfactory justification for moving outside their domiciles is for essential work functions, medical appointments, to assist vulnerable people, choose a walk close to your home, and to perform grocery shopping.
  • Non-essential companies, such as bars and restaurants, will shut.
  • The function has to be carried out liberally wherever possible.
  • University courses will largely be completed online.
  • Faculties and creches, in addition to factories, farms, and building websites, will stay open.
  • Traveling between areas is prohibited.
  • France’s international boundaries will remain largely closed and compulsory, quick COVID-19 tests will be awarded to arrivals.
  • EU boundaries will remain open and French taxpayers can return to the nation.
  • Many people’s services will remain open.
  • The new limitations will be reassessed every 2 weeks.