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France’s southern Shore threatened by highly Flammable Material leak

An extremely corrosive chemical compound has discharged into the ocean off the southern shore of France.

The incident happened at a petrochemical plant possessed by polyvinyl chloride production giant Kem One in the town of Martigues, near Marseille.

The business told news agency AFP the episode was declared in 01.50’s on Wednesday afternoon” in a ferric chloride solution storage tank at the manufacturing period of this Kem One site of LavĂ©ra”.

This exceptionally corrosive chemical, which can be used specifically for treating wastewater, turned into a brownish material because it flowed into the ocean, forming a toxic coating of roughly six hectares in the Huguette cove.

Forty guys in the Marseille fire brigade battalion (BMPM) and ten firefighters were sent into the spectacle.

The escape has stopped, but governments have prohibited boating, swimming, and fishing activities in the region involving Ponteau shore and Cape Couronne, from the Gulf of Fos.

An investigation was launched into the incident.

France’s Minister for its Ecologic Transition Barbara Pompili stated on Twitter which”any damage discovered will probably be mended by people responsible.”