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French care Houses Struck Tough as COVID-19 deaths Bracket

Approximately a third of deaths from the disease in the nation have come from inside retirement communities.

Figures published this week revealed at least 3,237 individuals have died of COVID-19 in nursing homes, compared to 7,000 from the country’s hospitals.

Contacted from Euronews, the regional manager of Korean, the firm operating the house may not explain the way the situation had gotten really bad, but indicated that the virus had spread perniciously.

“What is sure is that the virus has been present for a few days or weeks inside the center — hidden, if I could, given the jump in new scenarios,” said Antoine Ruplinger, PACA area manager at Korean.

To quickly detect examples of COVID-19 among staff and residents, French Health Minister Olivier Véran declared on Tuesday the launch of screening efforts throughout the nation’s nursing homes.

“The intention is to test each of the residents and all of the employees from the present time there’s a single confirmed case at a nursing home,” Véran explained.

In 1 retirement house in Haute-Savoie, the direction has been awaiting this type of testing campaign. Strict social distancing measures were executed quite early in the outbreak, but the virus spread.

“By March 2nd we shut the area to residents’ households, far before the authorities declared the lockdown (on March 16). On March 10 we place the entire area under lockdown and we’d masks — at the start, all of the healthcare professionals had a few,” explained Eric Lacoudre, regional manager for Odelia.

However, Lacoudre faces a different problem: lots of health care professionals are enticed to operate in neighboring Switzerland, in which salaries are higher. This causes staff shortages which eventually become even more glaring in the middle of a health catastrophe.

“If the virus spread and infected some health professionals, we began facing large problems. Last week, we had to phone for assistance and solidarity on social networking, and thankfully health caregivers came ahead,” he explained.

Thus far, 720 reservists have been mobilized from the nation’s fight against the outbreak.