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French journalist who joined the Authorities Discovered a culture of racism and violence

A French journalist who infiltrated the nation’s police force for 2 years says he’s discovered a culture of violence he describes so regular that it became commonplace.

In his publication”Flic”, that is French slang for Cop,” Valentin Gendrot informs of those six months spent at a police station in one of Paris’s demanding northern neighborhoods, in addition to the dehumanization that pervades the drive and also motivates them to close positions.

Gendrot talks of a force under-funded, with low morale and plagued with anxiety.

The writer tells how abuse, like attacking young members of cultural communities, is performed on a nearly daily basis by a minority of officers, but even those not involved are inclined to close ranks to defend the force.

Gendrot additionally addresses criticism of his function undercover that’s been criticized on societal networking platforms.