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French Ministry draws criticism Stating claims of police brutality Create him’suffocate’

“When I hear the words police violence’, I suffocate,” Macron’s new Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin stated from the French National Assembly.

His phrasing has attracted further criticism in a time when many questioned his appointment once he confronted an investigation over a rape allegation.

“The authorities use violence really, but reasonably. […] It has to be proportionate and topic to a frame. When it’s implemented beyond the principles, they need to be immediately sanctioned,” he added.

Darmanin’s sparked anger as a consequence of his usage of the phrase”suffocate”, echoing the words of a delivery driver who died after being pinned to the floor by French authorities.

He repeated”I am suffocating” twice times while on the floor.

In a statement, attorneys for Chouviat’s family said that they had been”shocked” and”offended” by Darmanin’s remarks.

Among those attorneys tweeted stating: “Mr. Darmanin, you’ve just dismissed the constraints of decency.”

The dilemma of police violence has become a popular topic over the last couple of decades in France because of events such as the passing of 24-year-old Adama Traoré to police’s handling of this yellow vest protests.