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French PM lambasts’cowardly individuals’ who shot police officers

French Prime Minister Jean Castex branded as”cowardly” that the men and women who shot and severely injured two police officers in a city near Paris on Wednesday night.

The officers were on a surveillance assignment when they had been”taken by surprise” within an industrial region of Herblay, the Pontoise people prosecutor said in a statement.

The victims, aged 30 and 45, were”massacred” with”in all probability a very clear objective to kill” an additional an official in the Cergy-Pontoise police channel.

One was struck by four bullets and can be in a vital state, with a fractured skull, while another was taken twice.

They had been assaulted by three people at about 10.30 pm Wednesday, AFP reports.

According to a police source, the officers had been shot from a car and assaulted. Throughout the battle, the attackers stole their support weapons and opened fire.

The assailants also stole a police radio and a cell phone and ruined the police car.

The Pontoise public prosecutor’s office has started an investigation to the flagrant delicto of this cost of”attempted homicide of law enforcement officers within an organized gang”

Prime Minister Jean Castex chose to Twitter to condemn the attackers.

“The cowardly people who odiously assaulted two of our police officers also have targeted at the Republic: it won’t ever accept the lives of people who protect it had been jeopardized,” he wrote.

“Solidarity with all the households of our everyday personalities and unwavering support to their coworkers.”