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French tourist fined $1,000 for Carrying sand from Sardinia Shore

A French tourist was fined 1,000 euros at Sardinia after police seized two kilograms of sand out of his bag.

Local governments accountable for coastal refuge recovered a plastic jar of fine sand by the guy at Elmas airport to the Italian island. The tourist identity hasn’t been shown.

White grains of sand out of Sardinia’s pristine shores are considered valuable and are a secure source.

“These behaviors not just damage the environment but also undermine the maintenance of the shoreline for the sustainable development of tourism in Sardinia,” said the press release on Thursday, quoted by the local press.

Back in August 2019, a French couple has been detained in Sardinia with 40 pounds of sand inside their automobile since they were going to board a ferry bound for Toulon.

For many decades, Sardinia has banned visitors from taking sand out of the shores, frequently in the kind of grains of rice, and sanctions offenders with hefty fines.

In 2015, neighborhood taxpayers establish a Facebook webpage eligible”Sardinia robbed and plundered” to discuss reports of sand being stolen, two decades before a new law came into force.

In 2017, the transaction of sand, pebbles, and shells was created illegal, and punishable with penalties of around $3,000.