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Friends 25th anniversary: Google Search each Personality and see what happens

Since the hit TV series celebrates its 25th anniversary, Google also combines it with Easter eggs for every Friends character.

These Easter eggs are seen on the Google Search results for all of the characters. Type the title of this character Google Search and tap the icon displayed in the info card. There is also an animated smelly cat walking around the monitor.

If you would like to listen to the annoying but humorous”Pivot!” By Ross, only Google Search tap and him on the sofa icon. But there is more. The sofa breaks to two with Ross finally stating, “Ok, I don’t think that it’s gonna throw anymore.”

You can Google that the remaining characters to learn what their Easter eggs are. Google also offers a unique glossary devoted to phrases and words utilized in Friends. Just look for”Friends glossary,” and you will see definitions of phrases such as’moo stage,”’ noodle soup,”’warpath, and’on a break.’

Friends TV series is the newest to be medicated with Google’s Easter eggs. The search giant has in the previous hidden Easter eggs for occasions such as”The Wizard of Oz” in which Dorothy’s red shoes turn the text from the webpage into white and black. Marvel Avenger’s Thanos also offers a unique Easter egg which hastens Google Search results in the page when clicking on his gauntlet.