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Frozen 2 Hindi trailer: Priyanka Chopra channels her inner Elsa, states’we do not want a king to turn into a princess’. Watch

Last updated on November 1, 2019

Priyanka Chopra and sister Parineeti Chopra have given their voices to the Hindi edition of forthcoming Disney movie, Frozen 2. Priyanka has released a brand new trailer of this movie and could be seen discussing it while being dressed at a Frozen-themed dress.

Priyanka shared with the Hindi trailer on her sociable websites manages together with the caption, “An uplifting, heart-warming narrative of changing the world and making your destiny‚Ķ Dressed in a beige dress with an irregular blue pattern onto it, Priyanka says the tales have shifted with the changing times, among which can be Frozen 2.

The movie clip starts with Priyanka considering her 19-year-old image when she won the Miss World title. She speaks about why folks say that it is hard to comprehend women and states it’s because they’ve gone much beyond everybody’s expectations. She proceeds to state in Hindi, “We do not want a king to be a queen. We all find our path in our fashion. Do not bring celebrities for us since they make their way towards us. We do not wish to be a part of some 1 else’s narrative, we compose our own stories” She ends the movie by introducing the”inspirations of the creation” Elsa and Anna.

The next installment claims to be intense because it traces the last of Princesses Anna and Elsa and bits together their current. Wood and Brown have a part to play in solving this puzzle.

Parineeti lately spoke about working together with cousin Priyanka for the very first time. She informed ANI, “This connection of Anna and in Frozen 2 is precisely what Mimi Didi and that I discuss – it is a one of a kind and powerful bond I have with my sister”

Priyanka additionally opened about her selection of movies in an interview to IANS. I enjoy fiction in addition to reality-based. I enjoy the immersive experiences. I enjoy something which will make me anxious coming to place. Just how am I going to do so?’