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General Choice: The best pictures in the UK’s parliamentary poll

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson Retains his Puppy Dilyn as leaves a polling station, in the Methodist Central Hall, Following voting at the election in London. Charge: Reuters.

Separate candidate Count Boniface talks with fans while awaiting results in a counting center for Britain’s general election in Uxbridge. Charge: Reuters.

Two individuals enter the garage using a residential home, converted into a polling station, to vote at the election in South Croydon, south London. Charge: Reuters

Charge: Reuters

Someone dressed as Sesame Street character Elmo is observed alongside police officers after arguing with a part of Britain’s opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s security detail since Corbyn yields by a polling station after voting at the general election in London. Charge: Reuters

Labour candidate for Walthamstow Stella Creasy conveys her infant daughter as she observes winning in Britain’s general election in Waltham Forest Town Hall. Charge: Reuters.