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German police raid four Houses of’IS sympathisers’ Connected to Vienna attacker

German police have raided the houses and businesses of four men connected to the Islamic State sympathizer who completed a fatal attack in Vienna this past week.

Federal authorities said Friday that officials, for example, members of this anti-terrorism unit GSG9, hunted premises in Osnabrueck, Kassel, and Pinneberg county.

Police stated that while the guys are not now suspected of participation in Monday’s shooting, there’s proof they had connections to the attacker.

Four individuals and the gunman were killed in the assault, also 20 people including a police officer were injured.

German federal prosecutors stated that two of those guys are thought to have fulfilled the attacker in Vienna this summer. A third person had contact with him on the internet, while the fourth had no immediate contact with the attacker but had been connected with people who understood him.

The prosecutors said that they had been attempting to collect potential signs during the hunts and nobody had been detained.

Vienna strikes

An investigation was launched into why Austria did not place Fejzulai under monitoring despite being tipped off by Slovakian police he had attempted to buy assault rifle ammunition in a store in Bratislava in July.

Austrian governments have hunted 18 houses and arrested 15 men and women in the nation about the assault. Four of these had previous terror-related convictions and many others had criminal records.