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Germany denies removing Taiwan’s flag out of Foreign Ministry Site

Germany has denied reports that the flag of Taiwan was”abruptly removed” by the site of its own Foreign Ministry.

Taiwan’s page on Germany’s online listings for civic connections was on Wednesday accompanied by a white square, in place of the land’s flag.

The flags of different nations and territories, such as China’s Hong Kong special administrative region, are exhibited.

Some on societal media insinuated the white square represented”the global symbol for surrender” towards China.

However, Germany has denied the flag has been removed or replaced.

An upgrade printed by Taiwan News has since corrected their story, revealed in this film, stating that the flag doesn’t seem to have been shown on the website” for a while”.

“Not shown on the homepage previously”

“The flag used in Taiwan isn’t revealed on the internet pages of the German Foreign Office,” a spokesperson for the German Foreign Ministry supported to Euronews.

“It was not revealed on the homepage before.”

Euronews investigation using the Wayback machine indicates the flag of Taiwan wasn’t current on the German Foreign site as early as November 2011.

The removal was denied by the German Institute Taipei, Germany’s de facto embassy in Taiwan, on Facebook, which included the”flag place remains sterile because of technical aspects.”

“I believe I can rule this out is a present shift,” said Rainer Breul, a deputy spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, through a media conference on Friday.

Absence because of’One China’ policy

Germany’s Foreign Ministry claims the lack of Taiwan’s flag on its site is a manifestation of this nation’s”One China” policy.

Germany, like a variety of different nations, diplomatically recognizes only the People’s Republic of China as a sovereign country.

It doesn’t keep relationships with Taiwan, according to the overseas office’s site, which China claims as a part of its land.

The symbolic look of Taiwan’s flag could, consequently, have enormous political importance, and seem to contradict this coverage.

In an announcement to Euronews, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan stated: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not able to accept such a gap since the webpage introducing Taiwan was inconsistent with different nations or areas.

“[This] will simply cause unnecessary mistakes to the individuals of all nations.”

Euronews has achieved to the German Foreign Ministry to get an additional comment on its coverage.