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Giant cat drawing Found on a hillside in Peru

They had been carrying out a care in the region throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Such large outlines are usually made from stones and are called geoglyphs.

The cat-shaped figure was nearly entirely erased before it was discovered.

“Well, among the things which continues to surprise, which many ask, is the way we nevertheless find fresh geoglyphs,” clarified Johny Isla, the Manager of the Nazca-Palpa Management Plan in the Ministry of Culture.

“And in reality, you will find new ones and we’ll continue to discover more. It has improved a lot in the past few years with the usage of contemporary technology. Before we’d aerial photographs or photos from airplanes, but today we’ve got photographs which may be obtained with drones at very low altitudes which helps us a lot.”

The figure remains 37m long, found, and dates from a period before the renowned characters of the Pampa de Nazca.

These constructions are generally only observable from the sky or in a very long distance.