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Girls protesters at Belarus:’We can change the Nation for the better’

Belarus’ funding has seen countless girls take to the roads in the day nowadays, in a show of solidarity with the protest movement along with the thousands arrested amid the violent country crackdown.

In several regions of Minsk, big collections of girls — frequently dressed in white — have shaped lengthy individual” chains of solidarity”.

It was the newest move by girls who’ve taken a major role at the protests — and, they say, the nation’s path towards change.

“Our president stated that our Constitution isn’t designed for ladies and that girls here can only function as the authorities, they can simply serve guys, that we do not have this advantage, that we do not have sufficient knowledge and possibilities to govern,” one young girl marching in the streets told Euronews.

Elections in Belarus have been this polarising. For the last 26 years, Alexander Lukashenko has crowned the victor in an event where many in the nation refused to participate, not presuming the elections to be fair or free.

This season Lukashenko, who has repeatedly stated Belarus wasn’t prepared for a female president had his chair and his authenticity challenged by three girls who came to embody Belarusians’ exasperation with his government.

Maria Kolesnikova is the only one left from the nation following two effort coworkers fled Belarus over safety issues. Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya fled the nation for Lithuania following the election to get her family’s security. Veronika Tsepkalo also abandoned, on the afternoon of the vote, for similar reasons.

Kolesnikova, effort chief for its barred candidate Viktor Babariko after which a top figure in Tsikhanouskaya’s effort, told Euronews that she isn’t going anywhere as her assignment isn’t over yet.

“We are going to continue to insist on getting free and fair elections, on releasing political prisoners, among which would be our friends and nearest and dearest, and we are likely to make a platform to encourage those who endured during the protests,” she explained.

The function that the women have taken on in the resistance campaign has motivated those taking to the roads.

“I guess this emblem of those 3 girls revealed that we’ve got these friends. We have a voice, we’re equal, and sometimes we’re even more powerful I figure,” said the young marcher who talked to Euronews.

The human rights body Amnesty International claims the government in Belarus have targeted women engaged in politics at”gender-specific ways” throughout the campaign. Activists reported confronting threats of sexual abuse as well as the children being taken into account.

“I feel significant support from Belarusian men and women. People today meet me on the roads and hug me, and I chased them back. I understand that together we could alter Belarus for the better,” she explained.

Those protesting that week stated that this election demonstrated girls can talk on behalf of Belarus, and after 26 decades of virtual silence that they look determined to grab the chance to make their voices heard.