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‘Give us a chance’: Albanian PM States OSCE must mediate Belarus Emergency

Edi Rama, Albanian PM and also chairperson-in-office of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), said the organization has to help mediate the governmental crisis in Belarus whenever possible.

Chaos erupted following a presidential election gave president Alexander Lukashenko a sixth-semester involving allegations of vote-rigging, violence, and mass detentions of protesters from the southern European nation.

Rama’s remarks came as he addressed the particular meeting of the OSCE permanent council in Vienna on Friday.

“I’m indicating the OSCE becomes a part of the essential dialogue, to assist Belarus from the circumstance,” said Rama.

He stressed however that the organization shouldn’t”interfere” with Belarus’s internal affairs, but instead play a”constructive role”.

“It isn’t for us to take part”, he explained, “however strong might be the feelings we […] might have as we observe these scenes”, as he called current episodes of widespread violence throughout the nation.

Rama recognized in any case the situation in Belarus is alarming.

“The worries about the elections and reasons for these are evident”, he stated, as he remembered the contentious deficiency of an OSCE mission to monitor the equity of the vote.

“Even more alarming, and saddening, has been the reduction of life, critically hammering and widespread reports of lost individuals,” he added, citing the over a hundred journalists arrested, deported, or crushed because the crisis began.

Rama also cautioned OSCE must locate a wide consensus about the problem, to prevent “the blame game” triggered by the Ukrainian political tragedy of 2014.

“Let’s learn lessons from collapse,” he explained. “The situation has to be solved in Minsk and one of the people of Belarus, in full respect for their sovereignty, their liberty, and their rights”.