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‘Glampervans’: The Sudden UK winner of This COVID-19 pandemic

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for social media in the united kingdom has resulted in a major increase in earnings of campervans or campervans in case you are budget permits it.

For people who can afford it, they are getting a must-have accessory that delivers flexibility and comfort.

Top-end versions come in at approximately 100,000 euros, or naturally, you can rent one.

“Campervan vacations are the thing this summer and we have seen a huge rise in inquiries and reservations,” says Lucy Caille, the co-founder and Managing Director of GlamperRV.

“Plus that means people can move away, they are sometimes socially remote, they are sometimes isolated, they’re also able to work in their vacation or their motorhome.

However, it does not need to cost a lot of money. You always have the option to make a timeless for less if you are ready to get your hands dirty and indulge at a labor of love.

That is precisely what Alison Corrick did.

“Fundamentally, we made a decision to purchase a campervan and we discovered one which was essentially only a shell, thus we chose to restore it entirely,” she states.

And we essentially kitted out it all indoors for us to go on vacation with. But then chose to employ it out, for weddings”

Su Seven undertook a similar job and now calls for her VW Transporter Caravelle that the Purple Emporium. It isn’t super-luxury, but it’s lockdown friendly.

“It had been really pleasant,” says Su.

“We can drive into the woods or we can drive to the shore, and we would not be close to anyone in any way. We could keep ourselves, but maintain our very own little lockdown from the van.”

The Purple Emporium begins the first time, gets you from A to B, plus it has got a couch at the back.