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Global warming shrivels Arctic sea ice to near-record Degree

US scientists have been raising the alarm above the degree of ice in the Arctic Ocean, which has fallen into its own second-ever lowest level.

This year’s melt is next only to 2012, once the ice shrank to 3.4 million square kilometers, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, that was keeping satellite documents since 1979.

Datacenter manager Mark Serreze reported a heatwave last spring along with also a natural Arctic climate occurrence had been at play, in addition to the heating in the burning of oil, coal, and natural gas.

He says that there was no ignoring the fact that the world is visiting climate change on the job.

“When you join what is occurring in the Arctic to exactly what we are seeing around Earth now -enormous forest fires in California, hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic, it is not possible to deny climate change is here and it is real,” he informed Euronews.

And the problem is set to become much more severe. Researchers reported in Nature Climate Change consider the Arctic could see it is the first ice-free summertime as early as 2035.