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Google Assistant Insect May be draining your Telephone’s battery

Last updated on October 18, 2019

Google’s voice helper is causing severe problems for many users that are Android. The Google Assistant activates expression’s Google’ is waking up the incorrect apparatus and leaving the display on.

Android Police authors have found Google Assistant launching tablets as it was used for different devices such as Google Home and Pixel Slate. 1 episode includes the user speaking to Google Assistant about Google Home without realizing that it has been actuated on his Pixel 3 too. Additionally, even following the Google Assistant action was finished the Pixel 3 display stayed on.

A similar episode happened were the Assistant had been busy on Google Home but it rather turned to the Pixel Slate. Here, the display was stuck using Google Assistant’s launching display. This may result in some severe repercussions as the telephone will heat up and finally burst.

But, there was only one OnePlus 6T user that discovered that the mobile’s battery drained to 1 percent and also with Assistant’s launching display.

Google Assistant in its service page says that in case you’ve got a Google Home along with a telephone, just the Google Home should react to Google’. There might be instances where both the apparatus wake around Google Assistant however, the Google Home will continue to react while the telephone goes to sleep. These episodes didn’t happen twice for many users but it’s fairly obvious that there are several instances around it.