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Greece Transports Nearly 400 migrants out of Lesbos island to mainland

The migrants are traveling by ferry and ought to arrive in Athen’s Piraeus port tomorrow.

This is the very first gigantic transfer of asylum seekers in the overcrowded Moria camp because of the beginning of confinement imposed by the Greek authorities on March 23 amid the Covid-19 crisis.

The final massive move happened on March 20 with roughly 600 individuals involved.

Along with this 392 individuals leaving Lesbos now, 2,000 others are put to be slowly moved to southern Greece in the forthcoming weeks.

Greece coping with a crucial scenario in Aegean refugee camps
Greece has been coping with a crucial overcrowding situation in its own Aegen Islands’ refugee camps, which resulted in bad sanitary conditions and episodes of violence.

Even though the camps have approximately 6,200 areas in total, nearly 37,000 refugees are being hosted.

Lebos’ Moria Camp, nicknamed”the jungle” hosts roughly 19,000 refugees, over six times it’s capacity.

Many NGOs, such as Individual Rights View, have called on the Greek authorities to act”immediately” to relieve strain on the decks.

The nation announced in February that the structure of new peaks to adapt 20,000 asylum seekers, who’ll be restricted to some three-month stay.

He moved to Lesbos on Sunday to inaugurate a health center in Moria camp, which is assumed to perform screening tests to asylum seekers.

Covid-19 instances were diagnosed in 2 camps and also a migrant resort on the mainland, with 150 people tested positive.

But, no cases are reported from camps around the islands up to now.