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Greece’s Mythical monument, the Acropolis is bathed in Fresh light

The early temples of the Acropolis in Athens were illuminated on Wednesday evening with a brand new lower-energy lighting method.

The LED lighting fittings are meant to reduce light pollution and also create higher-quality light to showcase Greece’s sacred mountain and the Parthenon.

Internationally renowned lighting designer Eleftheria Deko was requested by the Onassis Foundation to style the new light system for its monument.

Deko, who had been awarded an Emmy for the light of their opening and closing ceremonies of the Athens Olympic Games, made a system that employs an assortment of colors and intensities to highlight the three-dimensional temperament of the monuments.

Since Deko has stated previously interview,” as in songs, pauses play a vital part, so also in light, color and darkness are rather important. The equilibrium between the variants is a fundamental part of good lighting, in cinema in addition to in design.”

Athens resident, Anthony Grant saw the light happen from the foot of the Acropolis. He informed Euronews, “It was a really clear night beneath a harvest moon and you could see the way the lights differentiate the Parthenon in the walls only below and it was pretty striking.”

This is the first of a set of projects to update the Acropolis’ infrastructure which is equally financed and executed from the Onassis Foundation.

“The picture of the Acropolis, our leading monument, reflects and reflects the picture of the nation. The Onassis Foundation has offered to tackle the substantial sponsorship of a collection of projects,” stated Greek Culture Minister Lina Mendon.

The new light of the Acropolis has been live-streamed about the greek civilization ministry site along with the YouTube station of the Onassis Foundation.

Greek President Katerina Sakellariou and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis presided over the service which was likewise be attended by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and Danish Premier Mette Frederiksen.