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Greek Governments’Split migrant smuggling ring’ on island of Kos

Greek authorities say they’ve broken a migrant smuggling ring which was working in the southern Aegean island of Kos.

The team is suspected of attracting individuals from the local Turkish coast to the island and easing their motion to the Nordic world.

Four Greek nationals and one foreign national have been detained on charges related to the performance of a”criminal organization”.

Their nationalities have never been made public.

Among those detained, a 39-year-old Greek guy is thought to be a”leading executive” who co-ordinated the smuggling ring,” as demonstrated by an announcement by the Hellenic Coast Guard.

The overseas national and another suspect had supposedly been organizing for migrants to be hauled from Turkey into Kos, while among the other Greeks supplied accommodation for people who arrived at resorts.

Five additional foreign suspects were detained in the island’s most important city last Friday within a large scale authorities operation.

Meanwhile, police are still looking for a different overseas national who is thought to be another type of” executive”.

The performance to dismantle the team was completed by Kos Port Authority officials, together with the help of Greek officials in the Directorate of Security and Protection of Maritime Borders.

Additionally, three foreign nationals under the age of 18 were discovered during a search of their house of one of the suspects, the coast guard said.

Greece is a popular route to the European Union for individuals fleeing poverty and struggle in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, and also a huge majority make their way into the Aegean islands on the local Turkish coast.

In September, police opened a criminal case against 33 associates of non-governmental organizations for allegedly facilitating the birth of migrants into the island of Lesbos.

The members are accused of crimes involving espionage, violation of state secrets, along breaking migration legislation.