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Greek olive Crop hit as pandemic Results in Labor shortage

The coronavirus pandemic has many unforeseen consequences and among these is olive oil generation.

Greece’s”green gold” output is set to drop by at least a fifth in 2020 in comparison to 2019.

Most olive manufacturers are family companies but rely on migrant seasonal workers to harvest the crop.

This season due to closed boundaries they are needing to phone on extended family and neighborhood residents for Assistance

“There are not any employees to harvest the olives,” clarified olive manufacturer Panagiotis Outsikas, “we can not select all of them. We’ll take action on our own. We’re four sisters.”

But in most cities, the regional men and women are much too old for that which is in reality quite difficult work, which means nowhere near as numerous windmills will probably be chosen as preceding decades.

“In prior years we’d 100 to 120 overseas laborers that could come to get work in our village,” despaired Nikos Argyrakis, “this season no longer than fifteen”.

Greece is the fourth largest olive oil manufacturer on earth behind Spain, Italy, and Tunisia.

Approximately 60 percent of the item is exported. Nevertheless, it is not only the supply side that is under stress. The shutdown restaurant industry means they are having to search for new markets too.