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Greta Thunberg Strikes back at US President Donald Trump Following Twitter taunt

Swedish adolescent climate activist Greta Thunberg shot at on Tuesday in U.S. President Donald Trump’s effort to tease her on Twitter by modifying her profile to the social networking website to reflect Trump’s taunting comment.

Trump, 73, commented: “She looks like a very happy young woman looking forward to a bright and fantastic future. So wonderful to see!”

From Tuesday Thunberg shot, shifting her Twitter biography to: “A very happy young woman looking forward to a bright and fantastic future.”

Trump has contested climate science, and it has contested every important U.S. regulation targeted toward fighting climate change.

Thunberg began missing school on Fridays a year ago to protest for climate actions away from the Swedish parliament, inspiring countless kids and sparking a worldwide climate attack movement called Fridays for Future.

Be Finest Melania Trump’s effort against cyber warfare.

Thunberg is in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize, one of those few individuals whose nomination is now known before the awards ceremony. She’s the bookmakers’ favorite to win the trophy following month.

Trump has made the case he deserves to be given the Nobel Peace Prize and remarked on Monday when asked concerning the subject.

“I believe I will have a Nobel Prize for a lot of things, should they gave out it rather, they do not,” Trump said.