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Guatemalans Recall their Deceased Using giant kites as Day of the Dead Starts

Day of the Dead, a vacation that celebrates Catholic rituals and pre-Hispanic faith, is celebrated throughout Latin America over the first two weeks of November.

The vacation’s reach is broad, extending to Catholic communities as far away as the Philippines, also it takes another form in every geography.

In Mexico, households pack cemeteries to decorate graves with marigolds and candles, and erecting altars in their homes to welcome the deceased. Men and women alike smear their faces with white rings and paint their eyes black, channeling the iconic”Catrinas,” or tasteful skulls.

Among the very underrated parties from the area occurs at the Guatemalan municipality of Santiago, in which Mayan heritage looms large. Locals consider the colorful kites to help direct the spirits of the loved ones to paradise.

“The grandfathers and also the grandmothers communicate throughout the kites,” she said, flanked by two other young girls honored at the festival, all of donning embroidered clothes and elaborate headdresses.

While households are available flying smaller kites through the afternoon, the festival revolves around a range of colossal circular kites, adorned with vibrant regional layouts and topped with flags that flutter in the breeze.

As the day wore on, the audience cheered and heaps of young guys scrambled to take their locations and prepare to ship the kites heavenward.

“it is a stupendous matter,” explained Monica Paiz, a French tourist.