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Gunman wounds police officer out Croatian Authorities headquarters before killing himself

A gunman has hurt a police officer away from the Croatian authorities headquarters in Zagreb before killing himself, according to authorities.

The defendant fled the scene after shooting at a 31-year-old officer in St. Mark’s Square, which hosts the Croatian parliament building along with other major state institutions, they said.

The alleged perpetrator, a 22-year-old Croatian citizen, afterward committed suicide at the neighboring Jabukovac region.

Authorities said the defendant wasn’t previously known to them without the reason for the shooting was confirmed.

The wounded police officer failed surgery and his condition has been described as”secure”.

The shooting occurred around 8.00 CEST from the Croatian capital and has been treated by authorities as an “attempted aggravated murder”, as demonstrated by an announcement.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic reported an investigation is underway to ascertain whether the shooting was a one-off.

“We don’t know enough in the minute” to differentiate this, Plenkovic informed reporters.

Authorities have sealed off the area around the square and most proposed actions from the authorities or other state associations in the region have been canceled.

The County State’s Attorney is directing an investigation into the episode, together with researchers from Zagreb authorities and a specialist in the Ivan Vučetić Centre for Forensic Investigation, Research, and Expertise.