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Happy couple ties the knot in Rome Regardless of coronavirus lockdown

Not even a worldwide pandemic could discontinue one Italian bunch by tying the knot this weekend.

De Rosa’s household was because of traveling in Naples to the Italian funds for what was intended as a huge family party.

However, all non-essential company and actions are stopped for months from the nation in an attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus.

“I feel a bit down,” Datolla explained, “but I’m happy at precisely the same time since I have been waiting a very long time for this particular moment.

“It does not matter, even when we must take action like this, it does not matter”

The few were married in the deconsecrated Santa Maria at Tempulo Church, surrounded by empty seats.

They were allowed just two guests: the maid of honor and the ideal man.

Hairdressers and wineries are closed so that the bride said she did her very best to correct her hair and discovered several fake flowers.

Fortunately, she’d purchased her dress beforehand.

“I’m sorry about what’s occurring but what do we do? That is life,” she explained following the service, before yanking her mask down and kissing her husband.