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Harry and Meghan blacklist UK tabloids over’Jagged’ Tales

“This policy isn’t about preventing criticism. It is not about shutting down public dialog or censoring accurate coverage,” based on a supposed copy of the letter shared with Financial Times media reporter Mark Di Stefano on Twitter.

Nevertheless, they didn’t wish to get utilized as”money for a market of clickbait and distortion”.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have observed people they understand — and strangers — have their own lives entirely pulled apart for no fantastic reason, aside from the fact that salacious gossip boosts advertising earnings,” according to an excerpt released by the Guardian.

The paper described the letter as an”unprecedented assault on a sizable portion of their media”.

Harry and Meghan created a bombshell statement in January that they desired to draw from frontline royal responsibilities and be financially independent.

Their death — dubbed”Megxit” from the British media — accompanied by reports Meghan was miserable with imperial life and the two of these had complained about press intrusion.

The couple hostility towards a media outlets spilled into legal action this past year, together with Harry suing over alleged voicemail interception and Meghan submitting a claim on a personal letter to her dad appearing at The Mail on Sunday after he shared it with all the tabloid.

In their message to the editors, the group said their policy didn’t apply to all press and they would keep working with supporters across the world.

The couple went to California a month and have maintained a very low profile, with their place unidentified amid unconfirmed reports that the group is still living in Malibu.